Week 4: Position players recap

By Corné Hogeveen and Gem Tablak

We from 86 again wanted to do a Mets Player recap for every Mets player on the 25 roster. Both Corné and Gem will give their own grades for the week. We grade from very bad, bad, solid, good, red hot.

Position Players

Curtis Granderson:

Corné: Good. Curtis gets on base and scored 4 runs. He also made a very important catch in Saturdays win.

Gem: Very Good. Leading off with a .350 OBP is what you’re looking for. Keep it up

David Wright:

Corné: Solid. Wright is not the Wright from his prime and I can’t blame him. He has a serious issue with the Spinal Stenosis. He puts in hard work and gets on base in front of the big hitters. He does his job.

Gem: Solid. This look like what’s to be expected from David. Low batting average with a high OBP. If it weren’t for his .381 OBP I’d have him ranked at “Bad”.

Yoenis Cespedes:

Corné: RED HOT. When Cespedes played he had some huge hits. The 3 run pinch hit homerun against the Reds and the 6 RBI inning against the Giants. He hit 308 with a 357 on base percentage. In 13 at bats Cespedes drove in 9. That’s RED HOT to me.

Gem: Very Good. Didn’t get many AB’s due to a bum tire however the hits he got were pretty big.

Lucas Duda:

Corné: Good. Duda is an on base power kind of player. He got on base and hit a homerun this week. He hit 267 which made it a good instead of a very good for me.

Gem: Good. He hit a homer & has a .389 OBP this week. Not to shabby big guy.

Neil Walker:

Corné: RED HOT. Look at those stats Gem wrote. To go with 2 homeruns and 7 runs batted in. WE LIKE THE REAL NEIL!!

Gem: .391 .440 .696… More of this please.

Michael Conforto:

Corné: RED HOT. Again look at that stat line. Conforto has been briljant for the Metsies!!

Gem: .440 .462 .880… MVP!! MVP!! MVP!!

Asdrubal Cabrera:

Corné: Bad. A 167 average for the week. Still Cabrera is playing great short stop.

Gem: Very bad. Very grim week at the play this week for Asdrubal. Hopefully he can get back into the swing of things this week.

Travis d’Arnaud:

Corné: N/A d’Arnaud after his struggles this month is put on the DL.

Gem: N/A. Before going on the DL, d’Arnaud had 3 AB’s with one hit.

Juan Lagares:

Corné: Very Good. When Lagares plays he hits and plays really good. He hit 308 with a 400 on base percentage this week! Lagares should be a starting outfield on most other teams.

Gem:Very Good. Not a lot of AB’s but more than the usual with Cespedes sitting a couple of days due to injury. He got his hits in his limited AB’s.

Kevin Plawecki:

Corné: Solid. Not with the bat but Plawecki showed he can throw runners out at second. The only steals he allowed was when Syndergaard pitches but, that more on Syndergaard than Plawecki.

Gem: Bad. Numbers are looking pretty bad. Not a whole lot better than what TdA was doing, to be honest. However he is an upgrade behind the plate working with the pitchers & throwing out some potential runners.

Alejandro DeAza:

Corné: Good. 2 hits in a limited role is Good for me.

Gem: Solid. 2-7 No XBH’s NO RBI’s. Take it for what it’s worth.

Eric Campbell:

Corné: Bad. Campbell got a hit against Bumgarner!! That was a huge surprise for me.

Gem: Bad. There’s not much to talk about.

Wilmer Flores:

Corné: Bad. Flores did hit a HR but looked lost at third and did not hit more than the HR. It has been a big struggle for Wilmer.

Gem: Bad. Hit a HR but besides that he just hasn’t gotten his bat going.

Rene Rivera:

Corné: N/A. Our Back up catcher now. Did get 1 start.

Cem: N/A. Like TdA, he’s only had 3 ABs. Looking forward to see s little more from Rivera.


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