Who’s your number 2 hitter?

By Gem Tablak

A lot of us fans have our own opinions on how the line up should be molded & who should be playing what position in the field. The 2 things that probably come up the most I would assume is Cespedes playing out of position & who should be batting 2nd in this New York Mets line up. 

This year Terry Collins has opted to use Mets Captain, David Wright for that number 2 slot in the line up. So far this year in 63 AB’s Wright has been hitting a meak .238 with a decent OBP at .342 & again a decent slugging percentage as well at .444, so he’s getting on base & when he’s getting hits, a decent amount of them are XBH’s as his slugging percentage indicates. 

Another option the Mets have is the guy they slotted in the 2 hole Tuesday night against against Finnegan & the Reds, Asdrubal Cabrera. In 4 plates appearances Cabrera went 1-3 with a base on balls, 1 strike out while leaving 2 on base. On the season, Cabrera is sporting a .319 average .375 OBP & a .424 slugging percentage. Seems like a very viable option. 

I believe the team’s final option is Neil Walker, he has not batted in the 2nd spot of the line up at all this season but seems to be a very natural fit for the spot in the order. Like Cabrera, Walker is a switch hitter but unlike the Mets short stop, Walker has been hitting for a good amount of pop this year while he already has 8 HR’s with 14 RBI’s. What’s been most surprising about Neil Walker this season is his performance against LHP. He’s batting .500 with a .500 OBP & a 1.143 slugging percentage in obviously a very small sample. There was a point before the season started where us fans would hear that Walker might sit vs LHP’s. He may eventually do so but not while he’s swinging a hot stick.

So while some fans may be in disagreement on who the Mets number 2 hitter is, one thing that should put people at ease, is that there’s 3 veteran options who are no strangers to that spot in the line up. So if one happens to be slumping while another is going through a hot streak, you can swap them like interchangeable parts. Not a bad position to be in right now considering depth brought us a long way last season



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