Week 3: Position Players recap

By Corné Hogeveen and Gem Tablak

We from 86 again wanted to do a Mets Player recap for every Mets player on the 25 roster. Both Corné and Gem will give their own grades for the week. We grade from very bad, bad, solid, good, red hot.

Position Players
Curtis Granderson:

Corné: RED HOT. The Grandy Man is back. He had a huge game in Atlanta on Friday with 2 homeruns and 5 rbi’s. 1 of the 2 homeruns was his first Grandy Slam as a Met. We have waited long to say that! He had a 360 average for the week with a 484 on base percentage and a 800 slugging. I think that’s a good week!!

Gem:RED HOT. We’ve been waiting & boy did he deliver. A game changing grandslam vs the Braves with a solo shot later in that same game. Let’s hope to see some continuity.

David Wright:

Corné: Solid. a 231 average with a 259 on base percentage. That’s not good but he did hit his first 2 homeruns and had 4 doubles this week showing some power!! Its good to see that David drives the ball but his strikeouts is troubling.

Gem: Bad. I think Corné is being very generous with this grade. However I don’t blame Corné or even David Wright. I believe Wright is hitting out of order & I believe we probably would of seen better results with David batting 5th or even 6th. Not to mention his double clutch throws to 2nd double plays & dropping his shoulder on throws to first which cause his throws to be erratic.

Yoenis Cespedes:

Corné: Good. Cespedes had a 294 average with a 368 on base percentage. He had 5 hits this week 4 of them for extra bases with 2 homeruns, 1 double and a triple. Cespy is day to day at this point missing Saturday and Sunday with a sore leg.

Gem: Very Good. Cespedes is a free swinger & free swingers tend to be streaky players. It looks like he’s about to be in the midst of a hot streak. 

Lucas Duda:

Corné: Good. Duda hit 320 this week and was part of 3 of the 4 Mets back to back homeruns. Duda hit 3 laser beams in Philly and added some big RBI’s this weekend. Surprisingly the patient Duda had 0 walks this week. He is hitting his pitch.

Gem: Very Good. I’ll be a little more generous than usual because Duda was looking similar to the guy that was stinking it up last July. So for him to break out of a slump before it gets to terrible merits a little bit extra credit.

Neil Walker:

Corné:RED HOT. THE REAL NEIL. 4 homeruns added to his season. And a 4 hit game which where all singles. That’s some kind of week for Walker. He hit 400 and had his first 2 Walks of the year. Only blemish is his runs batted in with 4. All of them via a solo shot.

Gem: RED HOT. The Real Neil, I love it. While some expected Murphy’s departure to be detrimental, Walker is filling in perfectly fine & is looking like a good fit with our brand new middle IF.

Michael Conforto:

Corné: Good. 273 average with a 370 on base percentage. Nice week for our number 3 hitter. He also had his first MLB stolen base to go with 1 homerun and 4 rbi’s.

Gem: Good. Oh how us statistic guys love OBP. First stolen base while still playing a solid & underrated left field.

Asdrubal Cabrera:

Corné: Very Good. WHAT a pick up by Sandy. Cabrera has looked amazing with the glove and very good with the bat. He hit 375 with a 423 on base percentage. He had his first Met Homerun and drove in 3!

Gem: Very Good. Wow. Those number are unreal, especially coming from the SS position. If it wasn’t for the Lindor’s, Carrera’s, & the rookie phenom Story, Cabrerra probably wouldn’t be flying under the radar as much as he is.

Travis d’Arnaud:

Corné: Solid. His first solid week of the season. d’Arnaud hit 278. He is getting some hits but not more than that.

Gem: Solid. His numbers prior to the week were pitiful. I wonder if he’ll end up being the type of player that gets off to slower starts than most.

Juan Lagares:

Corné: RED HOT. He played a couple of game for Cespedes in center and made a magnificent catch to rob Franco of a 3 run homerun in Philly. With the bat Lagares hit 417. Problem is how can he get some more playing time in this crowded outfield!

Gem: RED HOT. Finally he’s gotten a tad bit of playing time & he’s showing the brass that not only is he worth his contract but he’s showing them that he needs to be in the line up more. Let’s not even talk about the stellar defense because it’s a given.

Kevin Plawecki:

Corné: Bad. 0-7 with a walk. Nothing more Nothing less.

Gem: Bad. Typical back up catcher numbers… Problem is, he isn’t exactly a back up catcher. He’s more the prototypical catcher over TdA.

Alejandro DeAza:

Corné: Good. Limited playing time. 1 hit in 3 at bats. 333 average!

Gem: Good. Well… He’s got a hit. That’s good, right?

Eric Campbell:

Corné: Good. See De Aza.

Gem: Good. But still, what’s his purpose on the 25 man squad?

Wilmer Flores:

Corné: Very Bad. It tough for Wilmer with such little playing time. He can’t get in a groove and can’t work on getting better and with the play Cabrera and Walker are showing his only starts are at 3rd or 1st. He got 1 infield single in 7 tries this week.

Gem: Bad. Wilmer has admitted to the media that it’s hard for him to get going while spending so much time on the bench. It’s hard to squeeze him into the middle IF right now as well as they’re playing so maybe give Wright a few more days off earlier in the season in hopes to keep him fresh later in the season. Also give him those reps at 1st vs LHP’s


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