”Out with the old, in with the new.” Is the Mets new double play combo worth the pay?



By Corné Hogeveen.

How good has this middle infield been? Or where we’re accustomed to seeing a lower quality at that position defensively? Can Cabrera and Walker replace Muprhy and Flores on the offensive side?

When the Mets signed Asdrubal Cabrera and traded for Neil Walker this offseason I was very happy with the 2 but had some questions.

Is Cabrera a big enough upgrade over Flores to give him a 2 year deal?

Can Walker replace the clutch Murphy?

I know its very early in the season but, I think I have found my answers.

Asdrubal Cabrera is a great defender with limited range. If Cabrera can get to the ball he makes the play. Biggest difference I see with Flores and Cabrera is my fear when the ball is hit to Cabrera. If I see the ball going towards Cabrera I have no fear that he will bobble it or throw it past Duda. I’m in total ease and feel he will make the play! With Flores I always had a doubt he could make the play. Although he got better to me he is not a pure short stop and Asdrubal Cabrera showed he is.

On the offensive side Cabrera shows a lot of professionalism and experience. He is a solid hitter who can hit in situations. In this Mets line up there are a lot of hitter who hit for lot of power but, strike out a lot also. Cabrera is not that kind of a hitter. He knows how the game is played. Cabrera is a good situational hitter. Flores on the other hand is another “all or nothing” type hitter. I think Cabrera who is also capable of hitting homeruns is a better fit in this line up than Flores.

At this point I don’t mind a 2 year deal. I think he has shown what he is capable of & You know what you get from Asdrubal.

As for Walker he has shown he is a professional just like Cabrera. Its fun to watch this new Double Play combo work in the field like they have been the Double Play combo for years or so. They both make it look easy, something we as Mets fans are not accustomed to see in recent years. Walker is an upgrade on the defense for sure.

On the offensive side Walker has showed a lot of power hitting 7 homeruns and surprisingly  3 of the 7 from the right side. His average is good making him a true offensive threat in this lineup. He used to hit second in the order but with the Mets he hits 6th and doing a good job in front of Cabrera. He has had some big hits for the Mets driving in 12 runs. He is tied for 31st in the Majors with 12 rbi’s!

After this season Walker is probably gone to make room for Dilson Herrera but, if he keeps this up he is going to get paid next offseason. For now lets enjoy Walker play with the Mets.

Final Thoughts: Although the stats indicate they are below average fielders I don’t think it shows. They make every play they can get to. They won’t win any gold gloves but they are professionals in the field. They know their own strengths and weaknesses and make the most out of it. And with this strikeout staff we do not need much more than that.

On the offense side, they both know what they can do. They are both switch hitter which makes them very valuable in this lineup. The Mets have a nice balanced lineup with Cabrera and Walker. Cabrera is capable of being a situational hitter.  More than any other Mets in the every day line up. Knowing the game and knowing what he can do is best for the team. Walker has shown more power which I don’t think will keep up at this rate. In slumps Walker can still get the job done. He is a clutch hitter.

I love watching these 2 play!!!!


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