A humbled deGROM still at work.

By Gem Tablak

Update: deGROM picked up the win while going 5.2 innings, allowing 8 hits, 0 BB’s, & struck out 3. The Mets picked up the victory 3-2. The Mets still remain 3.5 games behind the Washington D.C. Nationals & are a half game back from the final wild card spot.


While news still surfaces about Jacob’s newborn Jaxon, deGROM still plans to take the bump on Sunday against the Braves. deGROM will be going head to head with Atlanta pitcher Blair this afternoon in between the chalk, but he’s dealing with a lot more than pitch counts & innings pitched in between his ears. 

It was recently relayed to the media thru deGROM himself that his newborn son Jaxon has been having breathing complications to the point where he would stop breathing in his sleep. I didn’t get a chance to gauge the media or the journalists response but I would only imagine that they genuinely felt for deGROM… How can anyone not?? 

In 2015, deGROM went 0-1 in 2 games against the Braves while holding the team to a .165 average, .208 on base percentage & a .275 slugging percentage. While he didn’t pick up any wins, his numbers show that he was clearly effective while keeping the Mets in the ball game at all times. 

This season, while deGROM is going through something most of us couldn’t imagine, he’s sporting a 1.50 ERA with one win in his sole start this season. Personally, it’s no secret the Mets are stacked with pitching so I would’ve like to seen the team & ownership take the initiative & give deGROM more time off to handle his personal & family matters. With all that being said, “The deGROMinator” will be out there this afternoon & it will be interesting to see how he responds to such serious matters on the field that really revolves around his person life.


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