Week 2: Position Players Recap

By Corné Hogeveen and Gem Tablak

We from 86 again wanted to do a Mets Player recap for every Mets player on the 25 roster. Both Corné and Gem will give their own grades for the week. We will start with week 2 which is from 11 april – 17 april. We grade from very bad, bad, solid, good, red hot.

Position Players

Curtis Granderson:

Corné: Solid
Granderson had a little better week this week going 6-24. Hitting on a .250 clip this week. He walked 3 times to have an even .300 obp. He drove in only 1 run but scored 5 times. He did hit his first homerun of the season. Not a bad week but certainly not great, although it a good sign.

Gem: Solid. The numbers may not say a bunch but it looks like he’s coming around. He did notch his first HR of the season on what looked to be a pretty sweet swing.

David Wright:

Corné: Solid
A hit a day keeps the doctor away. That seems to work for David Wright as the hit .278 in week 2 with a very solid .435 on base percentage. Yes his defense is not great but David gets on base in the 2 hole in the lineup. He does not have an rbi in the season which is the bad part of his offensive numbers. Still think he does his job as the 2nd place hitter.

Gem: Solid. However with David’s condition I have to ask… Why is he not slotted in the number 5 spot in the order? 

Yoenis Cespedes:

Corné: RED HOT
Yoenis & his bat has woke up everybody!! Great sign for Yoenis this week! He hit .364 with a .440 on base percentage. He hit 2 homeruns, 2 doubles and drove in 7 this week! A good week for our clean up hitter. Cespedes on the defensive side dove in the stands for a ball. Luckily his bat could stay in the lineup as the Mets used him as a DH in Cleveland.

Gem: Red Hot. His bat is clearly starting to warm up,  The power is showing itself again. I think we’d all like to see him lay off those unhittable sliders but Ces is a free swinger, you never know what to expect from a free swinger, even on a week by week basis.

Lucas Duda:

Corné: Bad
Duda’s struggles continue as he hit only .190 without a walk in the week. He did drive in 3 runs this week which keeps him off my very bad week. Duda has dropped to the 5 hole in the lineup.

Gem: Bad. Duda is a vital piece to this Mets offense. With him smack dab in the middle of the line up, he needs to keep the “ball rolling” as opposed to being the rally killer. We’ve seen Duda go through similar slumps, let’s just hope he can break out of this one just the same.

Neil Walker:

Corné: Solid
Walker hit an even .250 for the week without a walk. Not a great week. He did hit 2 homeruns and drove in 3. 1 of the 2 was his first RH HR since 2014. In the field I love watching Walker play. He is a pro’s pro.

Gem: Good. Getting a base hit per every 4 AB’s while playing a solid 2nd base. I can’t complain. 

Michael Conforto:

Corné: RED HOT
The young Conforto keeps impressing me. He is now YOUR NEW YORK METS 3rd hitter in the lineup since the Cleveland series and did not disappoint! He hit .353 with a .421 on base percentage great for a number 3 hitter! He hit 3 doubles, 1 homerun and drove in 3 this week.

Gem: Red Hot. Moved up to the 3 spot & he may never relinquish that spot in the order. He’s an absolute Gem of a player & an ideal number 3 guy, in my opinion. Add another stellar homegrown star to my “Man crush” list.

Asdrubal Cabrera:

Corné: Good
Asdrubal had a under the radar great week in week 2. He hit .350 with a .435 on base percentage. He had only 1 extra base hit with 1 RBI. I love watching Asdrubal play short! He makes every play he can get too.

Gem: Good. A lot like Walker, Cabrera is getting his hits in while playing a very demanding position in short stop. If he continues this solid play, he may be a huge difference in the latter part of the season when it’s crunch time.

Travis d’Arnaud:

Corné: Very Bad
d’Arnaud is struggling. He only hit .154 with a .267 on base percentage in the week. He also was hit on the arm what forced him to miss a start and probably also the start of week 3.

Gem:Very bad. I had TdA pegged as a breakthrough player this year, it’s still not too late for that of course but he’s getting off to a torrid start. As usual, he’s really not throwing guys at on the base paths either.

Juan Lagares:

Corné: Very Bad
Juan did not get much playing time but when he played he did not get a hit or walk in 6 at bats.

Gem:Bad. It’s hard to expect anything from 6 AB’s. 

Kevin Plawecki:

Corné: RED HOT
Plawecki got some more playing time in week 2 and was outstanding. He had 3 hits in 6 at bats, driving in the winning runs on Wednesday and hit the ball hard twice on Sunday for 2 hits. A .500 average with a .625 on base percentage is absolutely great. If d’Arnaud keeps struggling we have a good back up!

Gem:Good. In 6 AB’s he has 3 hits & you can’t really ask for much more. I wonder if the Mets give him more time when TdA returns from being hit on the left forearm.

Alejandro DeAza:

Corné: Solid
Alejandro De Aza got some more playing time with 3 starts in the weekend. He had one outstanding game going 3-4 with a homerun, double and a RBI also making a important Diving Catch. He was hitless for the rest of the week. Overall he hit .200 with a .200 on base percentage.

Gem: Solid. If it weren’t for that one great game he had against the Indians over the weekend, I probably would have him ranked at “bad”, on a side note though, his defense has been solid.

Eric Campbell:

Corné: Bad
0-2 with a strikeout. He was sent down to make room for Rafael Montero but is back up because of deGROM’s paternity leave.

Gem:Very Bad. I’m waiting for him to go to Japan like Lut a few years back & Alex Castallanos (AAA) last year.

Wilmer Flores:

Corné: Bad
He played some great defense at 1st in his first mlb appearance at the position but his offense is not what we want to see from Wilmer! He has only 1 hit this season which he had in this week going 1-10 (100avg) without a walk.

Gem:Bad. Simply isn’t playing enough. I wonder when Terry starts mixing some guys in. To get them going & to keep them fresh.


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