Week 2: Pitchers Recap

By Corné Hogeveen and Gem Tablak
This is the recap for the Pitchers in week two! Again the grades are Very bad, Bad, Solid, Good, Very good and Red Hot!!

Matt Harvey:

Corné: Very Bad
Our opening day starter kept struggling in week 2. He made 1 start on Saturday against the Indians and was dominant for the first 4 perfect innings. But in the 5th and 6th he was hit hard allowing 6 hits and 5 runs to go with 3 walks. Overall he went 5.2 innings of 5 runs bal. His season ERA is now 5.71 with a 0-3 record. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MATT.

Gem:Very Bad. The Indians tagged him pretty good during the weekend. It seems like he’s having troubles while going thru the line up his second time around.

Noah Syndergaard:

Corné: RED HOT!!!
Syndergaard made 1 start against the Marlins going 7 innings of 1 run ball striking out 12!! Another great start for THOR!! To bad the Mets could not win the game as Noah got a No Decision.

Gem:Red Hot. He looks like the best pitcher in the game to me right now. 100 mph fastballs with 94 mph sliders… We need more scouts in Asgaard.

Jacob deGrom:

Corné: He did not pitch. Lat issue seems better but the Young Born had health issues. It was a big scare to all of us but it seems like little Jaxon is doing better. Hope everything will be alright for the deGrom family

Gem:Praying for the deGROM family.

Bartolo Colon:

Corné: Solid
Big Bart made a start against the team he started his big league career. He went 5.1 innings allowing 2 runs on 8 hits. He allowed 1 walk and struck out 5! He tied Pedro Martinez with his 219th win for second in wins for all time Dominican born pitchers.

Gem:Good. Colon is a consistent 5-6 inning pitcher & he continues to do as expected, even at the age of 43. 

Steven Matz:

Corné: Very bad/ RED HOT
Matz had a really bad start and a really good start this week. He started Monday against the Marlins going just 1.2 innings allowing 7 runs! It was his first start in a while and that could effected Steven. On Sunday Matz was amazing with 7 shutout innings allowing just 3 hits and a walk striking out a career high 9! He got the bullpen in problem after his 1.2 innings on Monday but helped them out with 7 innings on Sunday. Very Bad and RED HOT for Steven because it was such a HUGE difference between the 2 starts.

Gem:Solid. One terrible inning & he followed that with a good performance in his next start. I’m confident we’ll see Matz looking more like the guy who pitched the second game of the two.

Antonio Bastardo:

Corné: Solid
Bastardo pitched on Monday and was not good going 1.1 innings allowing 4 hits and 2 runs. He got some rest and did not pitch until Friday where he pitched 1.1 perfect with 2 strikeouts. Up and Down week for Bastardo who had a 6.75 ERA for the week. Although the number don’t tell it still think he was solid because of his important Friday outing.

Gem:Bad. One bad outing in small samples never really looks good on a player.

Jerry Blevins:

Corné: Solid
Blevins gave up his first run as a Met ever but was solid in his other outings. He gets the job done as our lefty specialist!

Gem:Solid. I never thought this day would come but Blevins actually gave up a run. My head is spinning.

Jeurys Familia:

Corné: Good
Familia got a lot of work this week pitching an inning on Monday and Tuesday and had a 5 out save on Wednesday. It showed on Friday where he struggled and allowed a run for a 1 out save. All things considered Familia got the job done and got 2 saves! 1 of the 2 a 5 out save against the Marlins!

Gem:Good. Familia is picking up where he left off last season… Well, regular season, at least. He’s actually looking even better. 

Jim Henderson:

Corné: Bad
He was RED HOT last week but struggled this week. He gave up the winning run on Tuesday after a 16 pitch at bat against Gordon who lead off the inning with a hit it all went down for Henderson. He allowed a run getting just 1 out and it could be way more as he left with the bases loaded 1 out. Henderson threw 34 pitches in that inning and was back the next day. That did not work out as he did not have his velocity and was clearly tired. He left with the bases loaded 0 out but Robles and Blevins bailed him out. His inning Saturday against Cleveland was solid again.

Gem: Bad. I hope this is not a trend we continue to see with Henderson but if it is, I have a feeling the Mets might have a young arm or two that can slot into his role.

Addison Reed:

Corné: Solid
Addison allowed a 2 run homerun in Fridays win when he could not close out the game. That was the only blemish on Reed his week. Overall he pitched 4.1 innings allowing the 2 runs for a 4.15 week ERA. But like I said that was thanks to one big Carlos Santana swing.

Gem:Solid. Anytime Reed starts to get hit, I’m reminded of how he lost his job with the D-Backs early last season. He might be a work in progress during this first half… But I hope not.

Hansel Robles:

Corné: RED HOT
Robles was one of the innings eaters after Matz faltered Monday pitching 2.1 innings that day allowing his only run. But the rest of the week he got some major outs. On Wednesday Robles came in with the bases loaded 0 outs and struck out back to back hitters!! Blevins got the lefty and that came stayed tied!! On Sunday he had another dominant innings striking out 2. Those big outs earned him a RED HOT with a 2.08 week ERA.

Gem:Red Hot. Starter turned into a excellent bull pen piece. He’s doing his job & he’s doing it pretty damn well.

Logan Verrett:

Corné: RED HOT
Verrett made the start for deGrom on Wednesday and was absolutely great with 6 scoreless innings allowing 3 hits 2 walks striking out 6 in a splendid performance!! He will get another start on Tuesday against the Phillies.

Gem:Red Hot. I’m a huge fan of Logan’s versatility. Spot started for deGROM one day while he can bridge the gap to Familia a few days later. Loving Logan.

Rafael Montero:

Corné: Bad
Why is Montero on the team? Why not Sean Gilmartin who was available for the bullpen out of Vegas also. I know Montero had a solid opening day start for Vegas but, Gilmartin showed he is capable of the long relief/spot start role when we saw it last season. Montero made 1 appearance allowing 3 hits and 2 runs in 1.1 innings pitched for a 13.50 ERA. Next time we need a long relief/spot start arm please let it be Gilmartin!!

Gem:Bad. Montero was brought up to fill a need in the bullpen. Not sure how much sense that makes this early in the season considering he’s being groomed as a starter in AAA. Montero who is known for being a control pitcher in the minors seems to only know how to be effective in the minors. In the majors, because he’s a control pitcher who throws strikes is the exact reason why he’s getting hit so hard. Good hitters tend to hit strikes in the zone. 


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