Mets Player Recap Week 1: Position players


By Corné Hogeveen and Gem Tablak

We from 86 again wanted to do a Mets Player recap for every Mets player on the 25 roster. Both Corné and Gem will give their own grades for the week. We will start with week 1 which is from 03 april – 10 april. We grade from very bad, bad, solid, good, red hot.

Position Players

Curtis Granderson:

Corné: Very Bad
Granderson struggled in the first week of the season in 20 at bats he had just 1 hit and 3 walks for a 050 average and 174 on base percentage. Granderson has mostly struggled early so not oncoming for Curtis.

Gem: Bad. Granderson tends to struggle earlier on in the seasons, while not being a prototypical lead off hitter, it almost makes no sense to bat Granderson first… Until you see his numbers while batting in other spots of the line up.

David Wright:

Corné: Solid
Wright had 4 hits in 15 at bats this week batting 267 with a 421 on base percentage which is not bad on the offensive side. He stole 2 bases and walked 4 times but he also struck out 5 times and looked shaky in the field at times.

Gem: Bad. When a team is not doing as expected, some blame has to go to the captain. Call me old school.

Yoenis Cespedes:

Corné: Bad
Cespedes had a 2 for 4 game on Sunday which increased his grade. He also hit his 1st homerun of the season after a 11 pitch at bat on Sunday for his only 2 RBI’s. Cespedes hit only 200 with a 273obp for the week and made a crusial error in game 1 of the season missing an easy catch in left. He also struck out 7 times which is part of Cespedes as a player.

Gem: Bad. It’s nothing close to what was expected, but last I checked, week long slumps didn’t lead to the end of the world. Refer back to Lucas Duda in July 2015.

Lucas Duda:

Corné: Bad
Duda hit 222 with a 300 on base percentage this week. He had 2 runs batted in on game 1 and did not collect a RBI since. Duda had only 1 extra basehit in this week.

Gem: Bad. When the guys at the top of the order aren’t setting up any runs, there’s not much the middle of your line up can do.

Neil Walker:

Corné: Solid
Walker did not hit for a high average but did manage to drive in 5 runs. He hit only 200 for the week without drawing a walk. But he hit the 2 run homerun in game to for the Mets only runs and had a big game for the Mets second win. In the field we have seen the difference as he is a very professional second baseman. Although his numbers overall where not great he still earned a solid grade.

Gem:Solid. Clear upgrade in the field while he hasn’t really shown a lot offensively, I think a lot of us expect it to show up soon.

Michael Conforto:

Corné: Good
The young Conforto showed a solid start to the season batting 267 with a 421 on base percentage driving in 3 runs. Conforto showed some good pro at bats in the first week.

Gem:Very Good. His OBP says it all for me right now. His bat will come along very soon.

Asdrubal Cabrera:

Corné: Solid
Cabrera hit 263 with out a walk and a RBI. He hit 1 double. Cabrera showed a solid glove in the field making all the plays he can get to but we hope some more offense than what he showed in the first week.

Gem:Solid. Steady in the field but isn’t showing too much more than that. 

Travis d’Arnaud:

Corné: Very Bad
d’Arnaud had a bad spring and it carried over to the start of the season. Although later in the week he had some better at bats he just hit 083 with a 267 on base percentage overall. He had only 1 hit but that hit provided a RBI for d’Arnaud.

Gem:Bad. It’s all there in his numbers & they are meak. 

Juan Lagares:

Corné: Good
Small sample size as Lagares only had 5 at bats and 2 hits this week for a 400 average

Gem:Good. I wonder if Terry tries to squeeze him him more often. With a .400 average, it only makes you wonder what he could do with more playing time.

Kevin Plawecki:

Corné: Very bad
Small sample size and Plawecki did not play for the first 6 days. He went 0-3 on Sunday.

Gem:Bad. He needs to be in AAA getting reps if they only intend on using him as a regular back up instead of getting him more AB’s at this level.

Alejandro DeAza:

Corné: Bad
DeAza went 0-4 with a walk and a stolen base of the bench.

Gem:Bad. Not much to show early on the season for him.

Eric Campbell:

Corné: Bad
0-1 with a strikeout. nothing more nothing less.

Gem:Bad. I don’t expect him to be with the organization too much longer. 

Wilmer Flores:

Corné: Solid
Solid? With a 000 average? Yes Wilmer had 2 walks and had a 333 average. He was hitless with 2 strikeouts in the rest of his at bats.

Gem: Bad. Not much going on. Hopefully more AB’s will get him going soon. Possibly at 2nd vs LHP.


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