Former Mets that are now rivals



By Corné Hogeveen

Which former Met could become an enemy for the Mets in 2016?
This question just popped up in my head after I was thinking about Daniel Murphy as a member of the Washington Nationals. It made me think which other former Mets are now with team that could challenge the Mets in their run for the 2016 World Series Title. I look at the teams that I think are World Series candidates.

Daniel Murphy: (Washington Nationals)
We all know that Daniel Murphy went to the Mets biggest rivals in the N.L. East. The Mets number 3 hitter and hero in the play offs signed a 3 year deal with the Nats. Murphy who raved about hitting in front of Cespedes is now hitting in front of Harper who is the NL MVP from 2015 season. Murphy will provide another lefty for that Nats lineup. Murphy is a hitter who is tough to strike out but also does not walk a lot. I think Murphy could give the Mets a lot of trouble. He proved that he can hit great pitching in the play offs.

Matt den Dekker: (Washington Nationals)
Den Dekker got traded from the Mets to the Nats just before the regular season started last year. Den Dekker got traded for Jerry Blevins. Den Dekker had a pretty good year in 2015 as he hit 5 homeruns in only 99 at bats. He is trying to make the team as the 5th outfielder.

Oliver Perez: (Washington Nationals)
We all know how it went horribly wrong for Ollie in a Mets uniform. He got a big contract and did not live up to that at all. In his final 2 years Perez was awful with a 6.81 ERA in those 2 seasons. Eventually Perez went to the bullpen because, he did not want to go to Triple-A. After his 4 years with the Mets he became a reliever. In 2012 he made his return in the majors as a reliever and did great for the Seattle Mariners. Over his career lefties are hitting 188 against Ollie so like it or not he can be a good lefty specialist. The Nationals signed Ollie this offseason to bolster their bullpen. So we should see Ollie against our lefties pitch this year.

Tyler Clippard: (Arizona Diamondbacks)
I think the Diamondbacks are a sleeper pick to win the NL West. They have a solid lineup with a good pitching staff after the acquisitions they made in the offseason. One of the pitcher the Diamondbacks signed was Tyler Clippard who was the briefly the Mets set up man. He has been one of the best set up man in baseball and if healthy he is a solid piece to have in the bullpen. Look out for those D’Backs.

Chris Young: (Boston Red Sox)
Chris Young had a horrible year for the Mets but he regained his form with the Yankees. In the offseason he signed with the Boston Red Sox who I think have a very talented roster to compete for the A.L. East title. Chris Young will play against the lefties for the Red Sox.

Francisco Rodriguez: (Detroit Tigers)
The former Mets closer is now with the Tigers who tries to have a good enough pitching staff to go with their powerful offense. The Tigers have made a trade with the Brewers to get there closer for the 2016 season. K-Rod is coming off a great 2015 season and is a stable closer for the Tigers.

Mike Pelfrey: (Detroit Tigers)
Yes Mike Pelfrey is a member of a contender IMO. He has signed a 2 year 16 million dollar deal to start for the Tigers. Than you could think that Pelfrey had a better season in 2015? Not really! He was 6-11 for the Twins in 2015 with a 4.26 ERA. In his career Big Pelf is 61-81 with a 4.52 ERA but with a lineup like the Tigers have he could get himself some more wins with that ERA.

Carlos Gomez: (Houston Astros):
The former Met Gomes. Gomes almost got traded to the Mets in 2015. We all know how that worked out for the Mets! After the Mets deal fell through Carlos Gomez got traded to the Astros and made the postseason with Houston. To me they are the favorite to win the A.L. West.

Collin McHugh: (Houston Astros)
Who would ever think that Collin McHugh would become a 19 game winner? Well it happened in his 2015 campaign. The former Met who got traded for Eric Young jr is now part of a Astros rotation with 2015 CY Young award winner Dallas Keuchel. McHugh has developed in a very solid number 2 starter for the Astros.

Dillon Gee: (Kansas City Royals)
The Royals signed the former Mets opening day starter to a minor league deal this offseason. Gee who could pitch in the bullpen and provide starters depth for the Royals had a strange year for the Mets. He went from bullpen guy/trade piece to 5th starter and eventually back to the minors. He hopes to make the Royals out of spring.

Chris Young: (Kansas City Royals)
The pitcher Chris Young who made a world series start against the Mets in 2015. He has pitched in the bullpen and as a starter for the Royals and did very well for them. The tall right hander won 11 games with an ERA just over 3 for the Royals in 2015.

Justin Turner: (Los Angeles Dodgers)
What a turn around this guy has done with the Dodgers. After Turner left the Mets he went on to hit 340 and 294 with the Dodgers to go with 23 combined homeruns and 103 combined runs batted in. He had only 673 at bats in those 2 seasons. This season Turner could be the everyday 3rd baseman for the Dodgers as the number 3 hitter for a NL west champ. Who could have thought that?

Carlos Beltran: (New York Yankees):
The former Met who played for the Mets from 2005-2011. In 2011 Beltran got traded to the Giants for Zack Wheeler another young promising starter! Beltran his age is catching up to him as he is less productive and not a gold glove outfielder anymore. Still capable of 15+ homeruns for the Yankees he tries to get back to the postseason in one of his final seasons.

Jon Niese: (Pittsburgh Pirates)
Niese got traded for Neil Walker in the offseason. Niese had 9 wins for the Mets in 2015 and is trying to be a solid middle of the rotation starter for the Pirates. Although I think the Pirates will fall back they are still a contending team in a very though division.

Angel Pagan: (San Francisco Giants):
It an even year so the Giants are in the mix to win it all. Although I dont think the Giants will make it to the play offs in 2016 they are a contender in the NL West. They have upgraded there pitching with Cueto and Samardzjia and got Span to be there center fielder. Where would that put Pagan? I have no idea but if healthy Pagan to me is a better player than Span. Curious to see what Bochy will do with this situation!

Jeremy Hefner: (St Louis Cardinals)
Hefner who is trying to come back from Tommy John Surgery is trying to win a spot in the Cardinals bullpen this spring. Hefner had some set backs which cost him a couple of years in his career. Although I think its hard for Hefner to get a spot I root for him to be succesfull.

Darrell Ceciliani: (Toronto Blue Jays)
Ceciliani will give the Blue Jays some outfield depth in there minor leagues. Ceciliani did not play a lot for the Mets and to make room for Cespedes the Mets desided to trade Ceciliani to the Blue Jays for cash. He could be up if the Blue Jays have some injuries in there outfield.

R.A. Dickey: (Toronto Blue Jays)
The Mets minor league signing that kept on giving. The Mets got a CY Young season out of Dickey after the Mets traded him to the Blue Jays for some player that made a major impact for the Mets. In that trade the Mets got Noah Syndergaard and Travis d’Arnaud among others. The Mets also got Wuilmer Becerra who is making an impression in the minors. Since leaving he Mets Dickey has been good but not great for the Blue Jays. Last season Dickey went 11-11 with a 3.91 ERA for the A.L. East champs.

Josh Thole: (Toronto Blue Jays)
Josh Thole was also part of the Dickey trade. The left handed catcher has been a depth/back up catcher for the Blue Jays who have Russel Martin as there starting catcher. Thole has never hit above 250 in a season for the Blue Jays.
I only did the former Mets who played for the Mets so for example I left out Scott Kazmir and Yusmeiro Petit. I hope you liked it and if you have any comment or other players that should be mentioned let us know.


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