Syndergaard looks better than… Well, everybody 

By Gem Tablak
On Tuesday, Noah Syndergaard squared off against the Kansas City Royals to kick start his 2016 season & well, he looked spectacular. Now theres no reason for anyone to get ahead of themselves, but anyone who has been tracking Noah’s career since his May call up in 2015 can probably attest to him being an absolute stud when he gets on that mound. 

 He ended up going 6 innings while only giving up 3 hits, 1 walk & no runs while striking out 9. While I’ll take those numbers each & every time he goes out there, that wasn’t even the most impressive thing about him on Tuesday evening. From the 1st inning on, his fastballs were sitting at 99 mph & when he got into a jam with Kendrys Morales at the plate in the bottom of the 6th, he put Morales down with 3 sliders, all of them hitting a minimum of 93 mph. Wow. When he’s on the mound, it’s like watching someone play a video game against the computer on easy. Mets fans, buckle up & enjoy the ride, another young & special talent on the bump ready to take the bull by the horns. 


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